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CG Cosmetic Surgery - Popular Procedures

The two most popular cosmetic procedures at CG Cosmetic Surgery are breast augmentation and face and skin procedures.

There are a plethora of plastic surgery procedures available for interested patients, including breast augmentation, tummy tucks, buttock augmentation, facelifts, rhinoplasty procedures, and fillers. Breast augmentation and face and skin procedures are the most sought out cosmetic surgeries and the surgeons at CG Cosmetic Surgery are proud to deliver exceptional results in these areas.

Breast Augmentation

During a free consultation with one of CG Cosmetic Surgery’s board certified surgeons, patients become more familiar with the surgical process and recovery that follows. Determining the size, shape, and fill material of implants is crucial to ensuring each patient has a successful surgery with optimal results. The clinic offers round or teardrop implants; saline or silicone fill material; and a range of cup sizes. In addition, with the help of his or her surgeon, each patient can determine which surgical implant placement is best; submuscular or subglandular.  Further, patients are also offered the choice of where to insert the implants, including the navel, inframammary fold, or armpit.   At CG Cosmetic Surgery, the surgeons offer a variety of options and will work with patients every step of the way to ensure they are making the right choices for their bodies.


Aging eventually catches up with us all, but when wrinkles or folds in the face become prominent and unsightly, many turn to cosmetic procedures to restore their youthful appearance. Facelifts, eyelid surgeries, rhinoplasty procedures, and Botox are available at CG Cosmetic Surgery to eliminate the symptoms of aging that are apparent in the face.

  • Facelifts- Surgeons make an incision around the hairline, tighten the facial muscles, and reposition the skin to create tighter, smoother skin.
  • Eyelid surgery- During this procedure, fatty tissue is removed to eliminate sagging eyelids, more commonly known as ‘bags.’ The tissue is removed through incisions in the eyelid before surgeons reposition the muscle underneath.
  • Rhinoplasty- The surgeons at CG Cosmetic Surgery reshape the cartilage and bone in the nose with the main goal of achieving “facial balance.”
  • Botox- This less invasive procedure relaxes the muscles in the face in order to give way to smoother looking skin.

Breast augmentation and face and skin procedures are credited with helping women look and feel young and confident in their bodies and CG Cosmetic Surgery offers the best surgeons and resources available to do so. Contact CG Cosmetic Surgery today at (305) 466-7277 to schedule a free consultation.

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