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Breast Augmentation SurgeryCommonly misconstrued, the phrase ‘plastic surgery’ refers to the plasticity of options when it comes to altering your physical appearance.

There are many things to consider before undergoing a transformation. Fortunately, reputable facilities, such as CG Cosmetic Surgery, offer free consultations with the top board certified plastic surgeons. Plastic surgery is ideal for individuals who wish to increase their self-esteem and boost their confidence. One of the most popular procedures patients undergo to accomplish this goal is breast augmentation.

To help patients better understand the procedure, CG Cosmetic Surgery provides a free consultation to prospective clients.

During the free consultation offered by CG Cosmetic Surgery, surgeons attempt to help patients better understand the procedure by discussing the following:


Perhaps the most crucial aspect of the surgery is choosing the right size, shape, and implant fill material for your body. When it comes to size, it is important to choose the best fit for your anatomy. Implants that are too large can lead to complications and additional surgeries down the road. Next, there are two implant shapes to consider: round or teardrop. Teardrop implants look more realistic and are textured to prevent slipping post surgery. Round implants, however, create fuller, more dramatic cleavage. Finally, clients must choose between silicone or saline fill material. Silicone implants require a larger incision but feel more realistic. On the other hand, saline implants come with more options regarding size and texture. It is also easier to detect ruptures. The surgeons at CG Cosmetic Surgery will assist clients every step of the way to make sure they are making the right choices for their body.


After anesthesia is administered, surgeons will make an incision, which will vary based on the type of implant, degree of enlargement, and the patients anatomy.

The surgeon will then insert the implant either under or over the pectoral muscle. Submuscular placement is more invasive, but look more realistic. By opting for subglandular placement, patients can expect shorter recovery times and smaller incisions. Incisions are closed with sutures and surgical tape After surgery, many women have reported feeling more attractive, confident, and feminine.

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