Brow Lifts

Is a Brow Lift Right For You?

Should you get a brow lift? CG Cosmetic Surgery has been in the business in making people feel better about the bodies they live in, every day for many years now. One of our top cosmetic surgeries is brow lifts, a procedure-otherwise known as a forehead lift, which does as one would imagine: lifts the brows that may have become hooded over the upper eyelids due to aging. It is a popular surgery as it is a simple surgery that gets quick younger-looking results. Below, we talk the basics of brow lifts, and why you may or may not be a great candidate for brow lift from CG Cosmetic Surgery.

Should You Get a Brow Lift?

While the only way to really know if you should get a brow lift is to meet for a consultation with a cosmetic surgery specialist, there are other factors that should be considered prior to making that initial call. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

·         Are you in good physical health?

·         Do you smoke?

·         Do you have realistic goals for this or any other cosmetic surgery?


Brow Lifts: What They Do

First and foremost, what would getting a cosmetic brow lift do for you? As the age and body begin to age, the eyebrows begin to gradually lower and start to “hood” over the eye area. A brow lift lifts the brow up, while simultaneously smoothing the potential horizontal wrinkles formed on the forehead, the wrinkles between the eyes, and on the bridge of the nose. Moreover, with a successful brow lift, you will see less or less prominent frown lines, and the overall appearance of the face will seem more alert and youthful.  While a brow lift is often a great solution to the above aging issues, more advanced aging patients often also get eyelid tucks (upper and/or lower), skin resurfacing procedures, and facelifting should it be required.

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